For Maria

mariaoanders_smallA documentary film directed by filmmaker Tora Mårtens.

Synopsis: Anders and Maria never dared to believe in love, until they met one another. Life, which had been filled with tragedy, abuse and sleeping rough, suddenly had a meaning. This film recounts the wedding of this extraordinary couple and their journey to find hope through love.

The shortfilm is one out of eight in the documentary project ”The Woman in my life” financed by SVT and the Swedish film institute.


Original title: TILL MARIA

English Title: TO MARIA

Genre: Documentary

Director: Tora Mårtens

Producer: Patrik Axén

Company: Stavro Filmproduktion AB in coproduction with SVT and with support from the Swedish Film Institute and Filmbasen Stockholm

Length: 13 minutes

Shot in: Sweden 2009-2010

Premiere: 30th of August 2010

Cast: Anders and Maria Nyqvist

Photo: Erik Vallsten, Lukas Eisenhauer

Editing: Tora Mårtens, Dominika Daubenbüchel

Music: Andreas Unge

Sound design: Peter Adolfsson, Mario Adamsson

Grade: Nils Fridén

SVT: Caisa Westling

SFI: Tove Torbiornsson